During the decade I've been developing games, I was part of several projects, which gave to me the opportunity to work with a lot of different people and to develop 2D and 3D games in multiple genres like shooter, runner, idle, among others. Using for these tasks engines like, Unity, Unreal Engien, Xna, Corona SDK and others.

Career Highlights
  • - Over a decade of experience in the games industry
  • - Delivery 28 fully fledged games for Mobile, PC and VR
  • - Over a decade of experience in the games industry
  • - Reached thousands of players around the world with my creations
  • - Delivered multiple well documented and cleanly coded features from start to finish
  • - Speed up the UI/UX and Design teams production by coordinating and delivering tools for their use
  • - Increased code quality by providing PR reviews, improving code guidelines and advising other engs.
  • - Multiple awards on game jams including 1st prize on Red Bull game jam

Without further ado, please take a look below at my journey!

About Me

Pablo Amaral
Pablo Amaral

Fast learner, eager creator, that's me by the way.

I'm a Software Engineer that strives for high quality games, who played a crucial role on multiple titles from pre-production to post-release phases. I love to contribute with other areas to improve their workflow be it by developing tools or by helping less experienced developers to grow.

On a personal side, I'm a content creator that is dedicated to produce and share knowledge related to game development so I can give back to the community and foment our industry. Other than that I'm generally updating myself on technologies and gaming news along with my personal studies.

I'm always expressing my thoughts about game development on LinkedIn, so if you wanna know more, just follow me.