As part of my efforts to foment the games industry, I've started creating some content related to games development, talking about some game techniques or concepts in a simple and entertaining way and also by sharing content related to game news. This is a way 2.0 version of what I did during a long time at my Tumblr, but now with authoral content. These posts are all shared mainly on my LinkedIn, but I use this feed on my portfolio to showcase all of them in a structured way.

So please take a look, hope you enjoy!

Software Engineering


About Me

Pablo Amaral
Pablo Amaral

Fast learner, eager creator, that's me by the way.

I'm a Software Engineer that strives for high quality games, who played a crucial role on multiple titles from pre-production to post-release phases. I love to contribute with other areas to improve their workflow be it by developing tools or by helping less experienced developers to grow.

On a personal side, I'm a content creator that is dedicated to produce and share knowledge related to game development so I can give back to the community and foment our industry. Other than that I'm generally updating myself on technologies and gaming news along with my personal studies.

I'm always expressing my thoughts about game development on LinkedIn, so if you wanna know more, just follow me.