Professional Games

Idle Idol Android Game
Idle Idol

Unity | Android/IOS | 05-12/2019

Idle Idol is an incremental game in which you have to make your k-pop group flourish by earning and reinvesting money in your business, making your fanbase grow bigger and bigger, taking your fame to unimaginable places and even worlds.

  • Responsibilities
  • - As a generalist programmer, I implemented multiple parts of the game, like player skills, levels, in-app purchase, monetization via ads, localization, online save, local notifications, UI, VFX, game audio etc.

machichestra black river studios

Unity | Windows Mixed Reality | 03-12/2018

Magichestra is a Virtual Reality Musical game where you, the player, become the Maestro of your own orchestra, made of magical instruments that give life to the classical pieces. When the orchestra is ready, the Maestro steps on the stage to conduct the piece, performing specific gestures, be it a flick of the hand or a grand sweeping motion, and following the rhythm of each musical piece.

  • Responsibilities
  • - Implement multiple parts of gameplay, like rhythm gameplay and gesture recognition system.
  • - Work with tech artists developing tools according to their needs, like a system to sync environmental FX with the music.
Valgard and The Armor of Achilles

UE4 | Steam | 08/2014 - 12/2017

Valgard and The Armor of Achilles is a top down shoot 'em up video game developed by Revolver Game Studio, which brings to this generation the renowned gameplay of games like Knightmare (MSX) and Elemental Master (Sega Genesis).

  • Responsibilities
  • - Implemented multiple parts of gameplay, like characters and level behaviors.
  • - Work close to the artists developing special tools according to their necessities.
  • - Develop object-oriented classes such as weapons and characters, simplifying the game escalation process.
minovelt game
Dead Neighborhood

UE4 | Serious Game | 02-08/2017

Dead Neighborhood is a side scrolling adventure where the player needs to talk to NPC's, hostiles or not, accomplish side missions and advance. The player needs to escape from an infested city, searching for the safe zone in each level.

  • Responsibilities
  • - Grayboxed all the levels inside engine, also placing enemies powers ups and others.
  • - Designed all the games missions, based on the client necessities for the game.

Another Life

Unity | PC | 2016

The game is composed of 4 mini-games that have the purpose of evaluating abilities and competences related to coaching. In an entertaining way the game collects the user actions and in the end of the game a report is generated showing data related to the competences of the user.

  • Responsibilities
  • - Served as QA to assure the game's quality.
  • - Ported the game from PC to the browser fixing bugs that appear during this transition.

About Me

Pablo do Amaral Ferreira
Pablo Amaral

Fast learner, eager creator, that's me by the way.

I have been creating games for 9+ years now, and I spent this time in many adventures from small school projects to working on fully fledged projects in different games companies.

Having worked in 25+ game projects, I could participate in projects for PC, VR and mobile devices, using engines like Unity and Unreal Engine 4 and many others. And as you can see in my portfolio I have worked in many genres of games as well.

Below are my contacts, so don't hesitate, and just add me on LinkedIn. I'm always expressing my thoughts about game development there, so you may find something interesting.