Professional Work

Code/Level and Game Design

Unreal Engine 4 | Steam/Xbox One/PS4 | August 2014 - December 2017

Valgard and The Armor of Achilles is a top down shoot 'em up video game developed by Revolver Game Studio, which brings to this generation the renowned gameplay of games like Knightmare (MSX) and Elemental Master (Sega Genesis).

  • Responsibilities
  • - Implemented multiple parts of gameplay, like characters and level behaviors.
  • - Work close to the artists developing special tools according to their necessities.
  • - Develop object-oriented classes such as weapons and characters, simplifying the game escalation process.

Level Designer

Unreal Engine 4 | Serious Game | February - August 2017

Dead Neighborhood is a side scrolling adventure where the player needs to talk to NPC's, hostiles or not, accomplish side missions and advance. The player needs to escape from an infested city, searching for the safe zone in each level.

  • Responsibilities
  • - Grayboxed all the levels inside engine, also placing enemies powers ups and others.
  • - Designed all the games missions, based on the client necessities for the game.
  • - Worked close to the game designer to improve on the game mechanics.

Personal Work

Programmer / Proj. Manager

Unity 5 | University Course Completion Assignment | March - December 2015

Hyndra's Tale is an adventure hack 'n' slash game with AAA cinematographic experience in small scale developed in 10 months by 5 students in university. The concept of the game was always to create a AAA game, that feels and play like a big a budget game, but in a small scale.

Early in the project we defined some things that would bring us closer to the desired product.

We defined that having real-time cutscenes with face animation was a must, likewise having a fluid gameplay along with different types of gameplay and these are just some of the features of Hyndra's Tale.

  • Responsibilities
  • - Develop all the programming side and construct the game design of the game.
  • - Worked close to the artists to ensure animations were made properly so we could use blend shapes, root motion and deliver high quality real-time cutscenes.
  • - I received the responsibility of finishing the level, creating specific materials, designing particles, lighting and creating the level mood, in addition to overseeing the creation of assets to ensure consistency.
Lead Programmer

Unity 5 | Ludum Dare 33 | August 2015 - 2 days

Road To Hell, is a endless runner game for mobile platform, this game was developed under 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 33 contest.

  • Responsibilities
  • - Design the core mechanics of the game.
  • - Build a system to procedurally place levels, enemies and power ups.
  • - Implement all the characters movements and playtest it to ensure it was bug free.
Project Solo

Unity 5 | Ludum Dare 32 | April 2015 - 3 days

This was very challenging to develop since I made it alone under 72 hours, but also it was very rewarding too, because it received a lot of good feedback, not only from Ludum Dare participants but in a local event where Space Boy was presented to some game industry professionals.

  • Responsibilities
  • - Implement the entire game in Unity 5 using it's editor and C#.
  • - Model the 3D models of the game, illuminate the scene and create simple particles.
  • - Design all aspects of the gameplay, including player movement, enemy AI's and controls.
Lead Programmer

Unity 4 | University 4th semester | December 2014 - 5 months

Based on the Transformers universe, Cyber Arena is a multiplayer game up to 4 players, where you can battle against your friends using 4 different weapons and a superpower of energy explosion.

It was developed using the Unity 3D engine and the Photon Network to make the multiplayer connection.

  • Responsibilities
  • - Build a system to support up to four simultaneously players playing through the network.
  • - I Worked close to the artists to ensure armors were made in a way they could be changed during gameplay.
  • - Implement all the game features and gameplay from start screen to the ending scene on the engine.

Gameplay Programmer

Unreal Engine 4 | SBGames 1st Jam | November 2014 - 2 days

Based on the theme of the jam which was "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man". We developed Panta Rhei which is a 2.5D game developed in Unreal Engine 4 about Heraclitus and the changes of a man and the environment which he lives.

  • Responsibilities
  • - Implement the main character, including its movement, animations and special ability.
  • - Implement level behaviors, like rock movement, death zones and others.


Pablo Amaral
Half Logic
Half Creative
Full Gamer

Fast learner, eager creator, that's me by the way.

I have been creating games for 5 years now, and I spent this time in many adventures from small school projects to working in a console title, so I already worked in 20 plus projects.

Currently, I work at Black River Studios a brazilian studio focused in mobile and VR Games and have a big journey in this awesome studio.