Hyndra's Tale

Hyndra's Tale

Game developed as my Course Completion Assignment for the undergraduate course of Digital Games

Programmer / Proj. Manager

Unity 5 | University Course Completion Assignment | March - December 2015

Hyndra's Tale is an adventure hack 'n' slash game with AAA cinematographic experience in small scale developed in 10 months by 5 students in university. The concept of the game was always to create a AAA game, that feels and play like a big a budget game, but in a small scale.

Early in the project we defined some things that would bring us closer to the desired product.

We defined that having real-time cutscenes with face animation was a must, likewise having a fluid gameplay along with different types of gameplay and these are just some of the features of Hyndra's Tale.

  • Responsibilities
  • - Develop all the programming side and construct the game design of the game.
  • - Worked close to the artists to ensure animations were made properly so we could use blend shapes, root motion and deliver high quality real-time cutscenes.
  • - I received the responsibility of finishing the level, creating specific materials, designing particles, lighting and creating the level mood, in addition to overseeing the creation of assets to ensure consistency.